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Termin: Webinar ‚Europe and Ukraine‘, Online 21.9.2021

Eingereicht am: 15.09.2021
Eingereicht von: Regine Alber / alber@democracy-international.org

The project “Europe” is far away from being completed. On a daily basis we question Europe, we debate and we negotiate: Where does Europe even start, and where does it end? What does it mean to be European? And what do we want for the Future of Europe? To complete the work in progress and ensure that it actually improves peoples’ livelihoods equally all across the continent, as many of us as possible need to take part in finding solutions – and that’s exactly what we’re going to do in this webinar.

In three different breakout rooms we are going to discuss the following topics:
1. Ukraine en route to the EU: Citizens’ Opinions and Hopes (in Ukrainian)
2. Towards a European Identity (in English)
3. European Citizens from East and West (in English)

Each breakout room will be supported by an academic advisor providing an overview of the topic and a civil society representative presenting one innovative idea related to the issue. The main focus lies on the subsequent discussion, in which everyone is invited to take part but is also free to just stay and listen.
During the discussion, we will collect your visions and ideas for Europe’s future and bring them to the Conference on the Future of Europe and European decision-makers afterwards.


21.09.2021 @ 18:00 - 19:30


Cologne / Kyiv / Online


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