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Summerschool: ‚Transitional Justice in Central and Eastern Europe‘, Online 4.8.-10.8.2021

Eingereicht am: 15.05.2021
Eingereicht von: Deutsche Gesellschaft e. V. / sommerakademie@deutsche-gesellschaft-ev.de

In the 30th year since the dissolution of the Soviet Union the Deutsche Gesellschaft e. V. organizes a digital summer school and invites students from Germany as well as Eastern central and Eastern Europe to engage with a judicial examination of the communist past from a comparative perspective. Throughout the 5-day digital summer school the following questions among others will be addressed:

– Which basic legal steps have the individual states taken in the areas of criminal prosecution, lustration legislation, compensations and rehabilitation?
– What level of importance is given to the judicial examination of the communist past in regards to the social, political and economic transformation of each country?
– To what extent does the comparative perspective on the issue shape the current transnational, cross border attempts of a collective memory?

With the support of the Federal Foundation for the Reappraisal of the SED Dictatorship, the Deutsche Gesellschaft e.V. invites all students to participate in the digital summer school who are interested in the topic as part of their studies, a research project or out of interest. Students and doctoral candidates from all disciplines can apply using the application form: https://t1p.de/summerschool2021


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