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Lernen: Workshops for educators and teachers (EE, DE, PL, MD, RO, UK) ‚Democracy – Courage to change. Courage to act‘, online 05-07/2021

Eingereicht am: 03.05.2021
Eingereicht von: Merle Schmidt

„DEMOCRACY – Courage to change. Courage to act“ online workshops
May 28 | June 18 | July 2, 2021 (3 – 8 pm CET)

Workshops within the project „Once upon today… in Europe“ for educators and teachers from Estonia, Germany, Poland, Moldova, Romania, Ukraine

What is the topic of the online workshops?
We want to focus on DEMOCRACY, the courage to change and the courage to act! We will
– explore the period of „89,90,91“, the end of communism and new democractic beginnings in Europe
– build a bridge to present times, to current activism and oppositional movements
– think about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on our democracies.

What can you expect from the online workshops?
We invite you:
– to discuss together with well established figures of history, education and museology as well as activists the state of democracy in past and present
– to get to know other multipliers and to share our experiences in the field of history and civic education;
– to explore new methods, formats and approaches in our projects, including success stories.

What’s the idea of the online workshops?
From the very start of our project „Once upon today… in Europe” we have aimed at broadening our horizons and those of our participants: meeting new people with diverse identities from all over Europe, hearing their stories and critically thinking of history, politics and education in our countries. With this event, we want to discuss with experts, further connect former and new participants, develop new approaches for civic and history education and also think about next steps for the Once upon today project.

What are the conditions for participation?
It is obligatory to participate in all the parts of the training. The participation in the workshop is free of charge. The workshops will be held in English.

How can I apply?
Please apply here: https://www.kreisau.de/anmeldung-out/
Deadline: May 16, 2021


28.05.2021 @ 15:00 - 02.07.2021 @ 20:00




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