Welcome to the JOE-List

The JOE-List is a network for young experts, who deal with Southeast, East Central and Eastern Europe, including the CIS, both professionally and in various social science disciplines. Currently the JOE-List consists of a network of around 12,000 members.

The JOE-List has almost completed the migration of its technical system and will be live again soon (as of November 2020). If you would like to be part of the mailing list and receive the latest news in your e-mail inbox, please send us an e-mail to redaktion@joe-list.de with a request to be added to the mailing list. As soon as we start sending again, you will receive a message from us!

You can still send us posts for the JOE-List at any time, which we will publish via the website. Please use the contact form for this.

We look forward to your posts and to welcoming new subscribers!

The JOE Editorial Team