Welcome to the JOE-List

The JOE-List is a network for young professionals who deal in various social science disciplines and in professional practice with Southeast, East Central and Eastern Europe including the CIS.

We urgently need volunteers for the editorial team! We are especially looking for people who would like to volunteer in the daily editorial team or maintain our technology. Here you will find some more information about the tasks you would be expected to do.

After a long pause in sending, the email distribution list is now working again. Thank you to everyone who has remained loyal to us and who has stopped by the website every now and then. If you want to receive the latest posts by e-mail in the future, you can register for the new mailing list here. We would like to thank Wechange for financial support and Sebastian Gärtner for technical support in order to resume the mailing list.

We accept contributions for the JOE list, which we forward to the mailing list after checking and publish on the website, using the contribution form.

We look forward to contributions and new subscribers!

The JOE Editorial Team